Fez is not a standalone fruit.

The Blueberry Incident refers to a brief few seconds of accidental and awkward comedy that occurred on the Ron and Fez show on June 2, 2011. It is considered one of the most important moments of the show since its move to satellite radio, if not the show's history.

Background Edit

During a break about food discussion, Fez interrupted with what sounded like a factoid about blueberries, but quickly unraveled into Fez losing confidence and stumbling over his words and several awkward silences, before finally attempting into a separate topic about the Super Bowl, but still not recovering.

Quote (The Blueberry Incident) Edit

"Now the blueberry is not one to work on its own. It has to have something with it like the's not a standa...a stand....sigh...standalone fruit."

Aftermath Edit

Needless to say, reaction from fans was immediate and a mix of confusion, disgust, anger, and amusement. Some believed that it was a sign that Fez had finally lost his mind, while others believed it was a pre-planned bit.

The next day, the Blueberry incident was analyzed on the Opie & Anthony show, with the line in question being replayed multiple times. During this discussion, an astute O&A listener noticed the sound of the studio door opening and closing as Fez was speaking. It was later found that this sound came from Ron leaving to get Pepper Hicks a turkey sandwich, which contrasted a theory that Ron was staring directly at Fez during the incident, which had caused Fez to lose his confidence and begin stumbling.

Ron and Fez also discussed the incident in the days that followed. Fez didn't offer much explanation besides "I locked up." The soundclip of the blueberry incident is occasionally played on the Ron and Fez show.

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