Soundboard Fez is a soundboard of various quotes from Fez, similar to those used for prank calls on the internet. Some quotes came from real shows and are made to sound like Fez is conducting a radio show (such as "Hello! You're on the air!" and "Email us at!"), however most quotes from the soundboard are either parodies or edited clips of Fez saying homoerotic remarks (i.e. "Why does my back smell like chlorine!" or "There's seven dicks in my ass, and there's always room for eight!")

Origin Edit

Originally, Ron created Soundboard Fez while the real Fez was having health problems, and was concerned about how to carry the show on without his long-time radio partner. Later, after Fez recovered, Soundboard Fez was used to antagonize callers or even Fez himself.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh Ron!"
  • "Check out RonFez.Net!"
  • "Hello! You're on the air!"
  • "Whaddya got?"
  • "Rude AND rude!"
  • "Not right now Ronnie"
  • "Email us at!"
  • "Why does my back smell like chlorine?"
  • "I've pissed my pants and there's not a thing you can do about it!"
  • "You make me feel like a natural bottom!"
  • "Shove a potato in my ass and watch me make french fries!"
  • "Don't forget my balls!"
  • "Ah you remembered my balls!"
  • "Iiiiiiiiiiiit's COCK TIME!"
  • "There's seven dicks in my ass, and there's always room for eight!"
  • "Don't tell daddy!"
  • "Because I like a tiny area..."
  • "Ok, I'm bending over where's the surprise?"

Videos Edit