Paul O'Callahan is a professional movie reviewer for the Tampa Bay Examiner. He has also appeared on many television and radio shows, and is a longtime contributor to the Ron and Fez show.

Trivia Edit

  • Proposed to and married his batshit-crazy wife Gail after she told him she was dying of cancer. Of course, this turned out to be a total lie on her crazy half. Paul O then stayed married to this nut and put up with her insults and abuse for years before she mercifully passed away. He has since remarried to a much happier and saner bride.
  • Directed and starred in a horor movie called Gap that was released in 2008. It was universally panned by critics and Louis CK.

Notable incidents Edit

Paul O's kind heart and lack of balls have made him an easy target for being harassed by Ron and Fez and the gang, as well as his own wife. His on-air movie reviews have been hijacked and ruined numerous times:

  • He called into review several movies when he was interrupted by his wife Gail. She went crazy and had an entire psychotic episode that was heard over the radio show. PaulO had to be put on hold until Gail could be calmed because she was threatening and swearing so much.
  • While reviewing Brokeback Mountain he dropped a hint that Willie Nelson was involved in the project. Some listeners immediately decided to provoke PaulO by taking the Willie Nelson comment out of context and call in bashing PaulO on the air (with overly-annunciated Southern accents) for calling Willie Nelson gay.
  • Perhaps his most memorable appearance came when he called to review Analyze that. Ron told callers beforehand to harass PaulO during his appearance and Harry T kept referring to him as a horse's ass. The catalyst came when Lenay called to say PaulO was an asswhack. The rest of PaulO's appearance was interrupted by listeners calling him an asswhack.

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