Mikey D (left) and Fez during happier times.

Mikey D is a former guest and staff member on the Ron and Fez show. He was a frequent caller and later became the show's announcer and also served as producer. He has a little daughter named Lenay who also appeared on the program on a semi-regular basis.

Mikey D fell out of favor with the show in 2005 when he began a long feud with Fez, usually calling the show to harass Fez. The feud culminated on Fez's birthday that year when Mikey D called the show to wish Fez a happy birthday and apologize for his behavior. Fez, who had been drinking and had recently lost his grandmother, ripped into Mikey D, refusing his apology and leading to the immortal line: "YOU NEVER CUT ME ANY SLACK!"

Mikey D has rarely been heard from since.

Quotes Edit

"And I'm your announcer, Mikey D!"